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Psalm 23, v 3:  He restores my soul.” (ESV)

God is the expert at restoring souls.  In place of the word soul, we often speak of emotions.  They are not the same, but they are very similar.  When emotions are hurt, souls get hurt.  If we have a heart, it is inevitable that we will get hurt.  There are many responses to hurt.  Perhaps the two most common are to either harden our hearts or to fall into depression.  The first is unhealthy in that it removes love and replaces it with not caring, which is a horrible condition to be in.  The other focuses on the hurt and results in great sadness.  Neither is the correct response.  Rather we should focus our minds on Jesus, not the problem.  That is really very difficult.  The only thing in our mind is the hurt, but God is saying to look at Him instead.  To think of Him, His goodness and who He is.  The result is remarkable, He will restore our soul and the hurt will be replaced by love and peace.  Incidentally, this isn’t instant.  It takes discipline and time, but I can guarantee from every time of hurt in my life that focusing on Jesus always restores my soul, whatever or whoever was the cause of the hurt. 


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