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Luke 6, v 32  “If you love those who love you, what benefit is that to you?” (ESV)

There is a standard of living for the believer that is subtlety mention here and easy to miss.  The point of this passage is extravagant love, even to the point of loving our enemies.  It clearly says we are to do good to those who mean us harm, giving to everyone who asks of us and not returning evil when it is directed at us.  To imagine such situations is not difficult, nor will we wait long before experiencing them.  To the Spirit filled believer this standard can still be difficult, but only if the Spirit is not getting full control of our lives.  When He is given such control, it can actually become quite easy.  Because other people’s reactions do not matter, we can easily get on with living the way Jesus commands us without giving thought to the others response.  However the is a subtle angle to this teaching that is easy to miss.  We reach straight for the extreme examples and forget the lesser ones.  Verse 33, “do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return”.  Yes this is directed towards our enemies, but ‘our enemies’ are only mentioned because it is assumed we will be already be doing good towards our friends.  Yet, is it not the case that we can do good to our enemies and forget our friends.  When we write, or call, or speak, are we doing so in extreme love, with as much as we have, or do we ‘mirror’ the other person?  Are our emails only as friendly and loving as those we receive, or more so?  Do we ask to spend time with people, or smile, regardless of whether they love us as much?  The point is that while it is easy to repay evil for evil, it is also easy to be somewhat friendly to someone who is somewhat friendly to us.  But why not love extravagantly and not mirror other people.  God does not promise that those we love will love us back, but He does say we will be rewarded for such living.



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