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“but he shouted all the more, “Son of David, have mercy on me!” (Mark 10, verse 46, ESV).  Jesus was passing through town, the town of Jericho.  In fact he was leaving, and Bartimaeus had no idea when or if he would return.  He was sitting blind by the side of the road.  He had heard the stories of Jesus, he knew what He was all about, but presumably he had never done anything about it.  Maybe he wasn’t able to – being blind may have prevented him, but it is perhaps likely that he felt excluded, discouraged, and didn’t even try.  The moment of Jesus passing him would not have been long.  Even at walking pace it would have soon passed.  Bartimaeus only had a few moments to think and he realised he needed to take action.  So he shouted at the top of his voice for Jesus!  He couldn’t see or find him but he decided not to let this opportunity pass.  The crowd told him to quiet it – this wasn’t for him, it only made him shout all the louder.  Jesus of course responds in love.  He calls him over and asks him what he would like.  He received his sight, not only physical but spiritual.  It is interesting that Jesus made himself known to everyone in the town, but he didn’t go over to Bartimaeus.  He let him realise his need and come seeking.  It is our duty to tell the world of Jesus, let us never neglect it.  But let us also realise that the world must at some point seek.  The Kingdom of Heaven after all is just like finding treasure in a field – we should be giving up everything to find it. 


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Fear of good things

“And they were filled with great fear and said to one another, “Who then is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?” (Mark 4, v41, ESV).  It is only natural to be fearful of things we don’t want, but how often we are fearful of what is good!  People are often scared of changing job, moving house, getting married, all sorts of things that they actualy want.  The disciples in Mark 4 were crossing the lake in a small boat.  A storm came up which threatened the boat, and their lives.  Naturally they would be fearful.  We know they had Jesus in the boat with them, and really there was no need for them to fear.  We have Jesus with us also, and likewise there is no need for us to be afraid of situations that would naturally cause fear.  But a remarkable thing happens after Jesus calms the storm.  Once the danger has passed we are told that they were ‘filled with great fear’.  They were afraid of Jesus calming the storm.  Perhaps it was the awesome reality that it was God they were standing in front of.  Such fearful respect is good.  But perhaps it was fear.  There is no reason for us taking such a position.  Let us rejoice that Jesus is the all powerful One, who is all we need in every circumstance.

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